Tuesday, 28 September 2010

Stitchmap Challenge - Victorian Pin Cushion - Part 3

Making the Gum Nuts.

Reading through the instructions in the magazine, I first made my gumnuts. They are made up of 6 stranded cotton, and a wooded bead. 

Hubby gave me some small files and so I've been able to make the centre hole larger, to fit more thread through. 

This was where my fingers get a little sore, as I'm holding the tread fairly tight, and they just get stiff from not moving too much.

I wrap the bead until  it's totally covered.  Here is one I experimented on first.  I used brown beads, so that if I didn't totally cover the bead with thread, the bead would not be that noticeable.

Once the whole bead was covered I then stitched button hole around the top and continued for a couple of rounds to get the end of the gumnut right.

Here are my finished three gumnuts, this took me about 2 hours to make these three.

The gumnut blossoms were a bit more of a challenge, as I wanted them to be soft, but still stiff enough to stay in position, I also didn't want them to be flat on the background fabric. So I made them up like you do when you make pom poms.

Then cut the stranded cotton of the card, and soaked it in a solution of pva glue and water.

Waited for them to dry and trimmed the edges, seperating the threads with a pin I fanned them out. I then painted the tips with yellow acrylic paint and them let them to dry a day more.

Making the leaves were easier, they were drawn onto fabric, thread laid down, and couched into position, then sewn around the edge with a slanted chain stitch,
I then cut them out ready to be placed on the cushion.
This photograph show's back and front.

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Rachel said...

Love the flowers - they've worked really well!

Embroidery said...

I like this different type of work very well.......the green color flowers and these leafs are very attractive........
Thanks for sharing with us......

Annette said...

Love the gumnuts, well done.. will be great to see the finished cushion.