Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Stitchmap Challenge - Victorian Pin Cushion - Part 1

I'm a member of Stitchmap a yahoo group that has the aim of teaching the art of embroidery and other needle crafts.  We have a few challenges a year, and I chose to participate in this one.

We're to make a Victorian Pin Cushion. I'd never seen one before and so my friend Ann, sent me this photo.  If you have been to this post before you will notice changes, because it's a current challenge and some are still working on it, I can't post certain details here. (Watch this space for later on).
My chosen technique is stump work, and here are the colours and materials I'll be using.
 I will also be adding a few more browns for my stems and gum nuts, but that's all.  I had not known the theme for the pin cushion when I chose my colours. But think this will work well.
This is the end of part one, part two is inspiration, sketch and part three is the embroidery elements of the cushion and part 4 is it finshed, the making up of it.

Part 1 - Guidelines and colour choice
Part 2 - Design choice
Part 3 - Embroidery element of pin cushion
Part 4 - Making up Pin Cushion


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