Sunday, 3 October 2010

Stitchmap Challenge, the finished article Part 4

Here she is, the finished article.
Can't show you how I made up the cushion, but I can show you how I position the gumnuts, leaves and blossoms into place.
I placed my leaves in the position that they are going to be behind the gumnuts and blossoms

I then added the gumnuts, these are not the original ones I made, these are made from a variegated thread my friend Alison dyed for me, it was just the perfect colour. Yes I know my left leaf is still backwards, I do fix it in the end.

I then also added the blossom, using all my left over ends from the gumnuts and the blossom to wrap around the wire coming from the blossoms and couch into place up to the top of the leaves and passed the end slightly.

Next step was to add the feather stitch around the edge, something I missed when I first posted photo's in the Stitchmap photo album.

The final piece now finished.....


Rachel said...

Great finish - good to see how you put everything together!

Carol said...

Your gumnuts are fabulous.