Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Various Xmas Ordy's as swaps

 These three shown on the right are the three I made for various Xmas Ordy swaps. The red one went to the USA for one, the middle one went to my Southern Cross Crazy partner in Ayr (100km south of Townsville), and the other one went into the basket for our Embroidery Group at Fibers Xmas lunch swap.

Below are all the ones I have received so far this year.

The large heart is from Martha Green from the USA swap, and the teddy bear in the train is from my Fibers swap basket.

 The three across the bottom are all from one of my Crazy patch class student. The Angel is a sewing angel, she has her thimble ready for blessing.  The Angel on the far left is made from Yo Yo's (or Suffolk puffs - thinks that's the spelling)

This stunning shoe is from my Friend Patti in Ayr, we are part of the Southern Cross Crazy's Yahoo group.

Thank you to all who have given me these lovely pieces of work, I will treasure them always.

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Carol said...

You really are having a blogging good day today, Arlene! Am enjoying all the eye candy. Thanks!