Tuesday, 30 November 2010

More catch up stuff

On top of doing the stitching for the Round Robins I'm part of, I've also been making some Xmas presents for some of my friends. I was given a few strands of pearls, and was aksed by the giver if I would make a brooch out of them for her, so the cream on on the left is for her, and the pink is for her daughter, the others I can't name as then it won't be a surprise for those who are receiving them, that read my blog.

Here are six I have made so far, I still have to make some for Family yet, but most of these are going overseas, so have to get in the post tomorrow.

Below are close ups of them all.



Connie said...

Very cute!

JeanneZ said...

Great work Arlene!! These are beautiful.