Sunday, 15 August 2010

Summer DYB now complete

In the second half of last year I was in this round robin, well I have finally finished the sixth block of this set. Thankfully now with my recent round robin, my sixth block is being done at the same time, of which I am very grateful.

Here is now the full set:
Top two are done by Rebecca Beesley (left) and Lyn Gaskill (right)
Second row are by Rita Cruz (left) and Kerry Leslie(right) a lovely fill in, as Cobi was unable to complete my block, but wonderfully supplied the peacock for embellishment. Kerry also used the whipped chain stitch for week 47 of BAS
The bottom two are done by Karrin Hund (left) and myself (right).
Thank you to all these ladies who worked on these blocks.
So now onto my block

I choose softer colours then the others, as when they are finally put together along with two fans (one from my first round robin, and other blocks of similar colouring they will all fit nicely together (I hope).
Here is a close up of the woven roses, and as those who know me I'm love doing them. Along with chevron stitch below.

This next picture is of a lace motif I have been wanting to use for some time, it's pure white and with just a little colour enhancement, fitted nicely. I also added a button butterfly.

Next is a fan, with white and pink beads, below it is buttonhole seam treatment.

This motif I have loads of, dyed it to the colour I wanted and then added a double fly stitch along the seam and added purple and mauve beads to finish off, fly stitch around the flower in a soft green to add as foliage.  Above it is a spider and her web.
To Finish off  I added this dragonfly, a Cretan stitch in six strands of floss, and the middle seam of herringbone, button hole wheel, detached chain and finished with gold beads.
I'm extremely happy with the outcome of this block, and can't wait to finish off the other fan and the other larger blocks to complete the quilt.



Rose Anne B said...

Very lovely Arlene! Post a pic of your finished quilt please. Thank you.

Rita in Kansas said...

They are beautiful,what will you do with them?You know mine is the upper right one with the turkish oyas.

Arlene White said...

Sorry Rita, did I get the sequence wrong, plese accept my apologies.


kerrykatiecakes2 said...

So beautiful! I love to see all these blocks done. I love your woven roses and some of the seams are just to die for! I am looking forward to seeing the finished quilt too.