Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Crazy Quilting International - Kerry's Pansie DYB blocks

This is my work on an individual block (left) and the group block (right).
My work on the group block is the button trail at the top left of the block, along with the dark mauve Cretan stitch seam treatment with the blanket stitch with beads, and the yellow silk ribbon daisy. 
Here is a better look at the whole block

Now a close up of my work.
I choose to put my buttons across the lace trim to break up the long seam down one end, I think it worked well.

I'm extremely happy with my work on the individual block, I am sure my work is getting much better as I do more blocks.
Starting at the top left and working clockwise, I started with a blanket stitch seam and added small half daisy's (a suggestion from my friend Robyn) and one in the far right top corner. A Pansy motif that you will see is very similar to all the other blocks I have done in this round robin, certainly a feature of this block. I then added the dragonfly and daisy trim with beads beneath it.  A feather stitch seam with colonial knots is left of the dragonfly. Here is a close up of that seam and the Dragonfly.

 I then highlighted the flower in the centre by adding chain first around the petals, and then buttonhole stitch over the top part of each petal, with red beads and an orange crystal for the centre. I decided not to do the butterfly as they were done on other blocks, and I thought I'd do the flower instead.
A seam of herringbone below this flower and three lace leaves that I hand dyed and added more gold beads for the centre.

As we move above this to a row of chevron with yellow silk ribbon detached chain stitch, with another flower of silk ribbon to fill in. This photo shows the first seam and the last of the seams.

Kerry I hope you like the work I have done, I really enjoyed working on them.



Annette said...

Hiya, I wanted to ask today at Fibres & Fabrics what the initials mean as in the DYB on your last post? Is it do your block? or something much more exotic?

Arlene White said...

Yes Annette, DYB means exactly that, 'do your block'.
sorry shouldn't use abrevations.


Cynthia said...

Arlene, these are wonderful. A real inspiration.


Annette said...

Hiya Arlene, thankyou, it's just me being nosey that's all. Thanks. Love the work..