Thursday, 3 June 2010

More stitching for the day

A very productive day for me, here's the first of two fairy blocks I completed today. Janet's fairy block was fun to work on as I loved the colours. Here's the whole  block and then some of the embellished elements.
I've added a lovely little tatted butterfly that my friend Mary from Fibers and Fabrics tatted for me, and a lovely white flower motif.  I then zig zagged chain stitch around the little diasy fairy, and added a couple of buttonhole butterflys and a lasy daisy flower.  The Butterfly print on the right, which was upside down, I just added some colonial knots to his wings.  Beneath this I added a chevron seam and more woven ribbon roses. On the top I added some bullion and lasy daisy flowers and in the top right a leaf ribbon stitch flower and button hole seam.

So now for the closeups - first the woven roses in 4mm hand dyed silk ribbon.

Next our lovely little tatted butterfly from my friend Mary.

This is the Ribbon leaf stitch flower with it's buttonhole seam beneath it.

These are the buttonhole butterflys and lasy daisy flower.
And last of all one of the bullion/lasy daisy flowers.
TTFN, next will be Cathy's Fairy block.

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Ozjane said...

lovely work. Makes me itch to stitch but I seem to be surrounded by sane quilting UFO's
I love the one in the frame.