Monday, 1 September 2014

Last Class with Joggles

Barbara from Joggles has finally realised she is not Superwoman and can't do everything, so something had to give.  Barbara has decided that this last quarter of the year will be the last of the online Classes.

My Beetle will run for the last time on Joggles on October 21st, (which happens to be my birthday).  If you would like to do this class before Barbara closes them for good, pop on over to HERE and book.

There will be some changes happening now, so stay tuned.  I am working out how I can run my own online classes.  Once I have it worked out I will let you know.



margaret said...

what a very colourful beetle, best of luck with doing your classes

Chef Tiger said...

Have you thought of asking craftsy to host your class? This would be something I'd really be intersted in as then I'd be able to do the class as I had the time and you wouldn't have to be available all the time.... or is this not and option?