Sunday, 1 September 2013

Winner - Blog tour giveaway - Iphone testing

Occasionally it is good to be first, the winner is Josie:
Josie's comment was first and here it is: My iPhone would love to have your app!!! I love your work and appreciate your generosity! Thanks! Josie

Josie, would you mind emailing me your address and I will send in the post on Wednesday for you.

Thanks everyone for your comments, the app will be out soon.... watch this space.....



Shawkl said...

Congrats Josie! I always thought of No. 1 as being the unlucky number that was never chosen...guess I'll have to change my thinking now!

Josie said...

Thanks Kathy! I had honestly forgotten that I had entered that giveaway!!! Must be old age catching up with me!!! :-) I used to think that I never won anything but a couple of years ago I won a trip to Paris from Inspirations Magazine! That is where the pics on my blog were taken.....maybe I should go out and buy a lottery ticket??? :-) Thanks again! Josie

Josie said...

I just received my giveaway package from Arlene today.....THANK YOU so much Arlene!!! I received beautiful blue fabrics with buttons, thread, floss, charms and ribbon, all in blue!!! You are so generous! I will be busy making something beautiful with all these goodies!

Josie in Texas

Josie said...

I just received a package from Arlene containing beautiful blue fabrics, thread and floss, buttons, charms and ribbon as winner of her wonderful giveaway!!! You are so generous Arlene! I will get busy and make something beautiful with all these goodies! Thanks again!!! Josie in Texas