Tuesday, 18 December 2012

next round of classes on Joggles

Hi all,

The next round of classes are up on Joggles website - link here.
From advance beginner to intermediate embroiderer, create ‘Cheerful Fluttering’s’ a Floral and Insect Stumpwork scene ready for framing.


Using two very different techniques, one three dimensional and the second stitched onto the background fabric using a lesser-known honeycomb style stitch creates two playful Dragonflies. 

Each Dragonfly also having different body types.


The inquisitive needle lace butterfly flutters happily about with oversized Daisies standing boldly tempting him to land. 


While the Hydrangeas stand defiantly in an elegant vase of smoked glass with an intricate design stitch to it’s outside.



-->All elements are then placed on a background of linen and framed to allow us to stand back and watch our cheerful insects fluttering about enjoying the fragrance and spender of two beautiful flowers.

 This new class is offered on the 22nd March.

Spot's walk is featured, he is offered on the 5th April.

 And again for the 5th time running, my beetles are offered again. March 1st he is offered.
It's wonderful to have the opportunity to share embroidery, I hope you enjoy the projects if you decide to join me.


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Shawkl said...

Love your new classes. Teaching is a wonderful way to share your own skills, and to build on those skills too. I love seeing your evolution as you progressively offer more complicated classes. Wonderful!