Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Inspirations is now Digitial

G'day all,

My most favorite magazine has finally and thankfully gone digital.  You can buy your copy here, I'm so excited it's just the best. I was so disappointed last year when they took the magazine out of the shops and buy only subscription, now I can buy any issue after this one when I want.

Go Country Bumpkins.......

Issue 76
 And the best thing is that my android fits in my sewing box better than the original magazine did, so now I can take several issues with me...... Yippeeeee....... I am so excited by this.......

p.s. I was not asked to post this by anyone, I just love the mag and want to share......

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Elena said...

Indeed, I'm very happy too!
I live in Italy, and getting foreign magazines here is very expensive and long...International postage is awfully high (in general, not just for Inspirations!) and then you must wait for a month that your magazine arrives...provided it doesn't get lost by the post!
So I was so happy when I discovered that on Zinio one could buy a number of magazines I liked... Now I can get them the same day they are issued, and they don't even take space in my home (which is an added bonus of digital editions!! I had stopped buying several magazines because I had run out of space in my shelves)