Friday, 19 October 2012

CQJP 2012 progress report

Now that all the blocks are done, and the base is in some sort of design, it was time to get the skirt ready for the blocks.

Thank heavens for friends who know what their doing.  We made our sandwich, pinned it and tacked it.  Here is my wonderful Fibres Friend who helped me 'sandwiched' the skirt, and helped also to pin it and tack it. There was four of us on Wednesday tacking it together.

This first photo show's Barbara after we'd taped the bottom of the skirt to the table, laid the batting (complements from Carol) and the skirt on top with the edges half stitched in place.  To save our fingers, Barbara had this wonderful idea of using teaspoon for the basting part.

 This next photograph show's it all based, and the excess wadding trimmed back.
 This photograph show's it now with the blocks on and the trim, with the wadding and back skirt folded under. It's looking good, now all that's left is the hand stitching down the blocks and the trim, the outer hem and put on our 'Merry Christmas buttons' and sign it on the back. The Block in the front with 'Noel' buttons, is now being changed, it just looked so out of place. I have taken off the bow and the buttons and made it similar to the other blocks.
Here is the skirt now with the changed block.
Arlene's little helper: This is Ally, my son's Labrador, she is with us for the short term.


Marjolein said...

It looks much better without the "Noël".

Faye said...

edsNice to see your firend under the table lending a hand/paw... Looks lovely Arlene, you'll be so glad when it's finished...

MarneyMay said...

Awesome so much commitment well done

Cheers Pauline

Jill said...

I sometimes stop by to see the progress on your Christmas tree skirt (I first came here from the CQJP blog). The skirt is just lovely! I agree, the center block flows better without the Noel.

Anonymous said...

Wow, I wondered what those blocks from the CQJP blog page were going to be! I love this. What a treasure you've created.