Monday, 24 September 2012

CQJP 2012 - September block

Firstly I would like to thank everyone for your private emails and comments in the previous post about my Xmas tree skirt. After great deliberation I decided to add two more blocks to the skirt. When i have placed the 8 under the tree, they just got lost, so i needed to make the skirt much bigger than first planned.
As you can see the tree branches hide all that work.
So I added the two blank blocks (which I had made along with the others) but I still have to embellish. It brought the blocks out from under the tree, so now I need to embellish two more.  I am very excited about getting this far with skirt, but still a little anxious putting it together.  Each fan block will be appliqued onto the black satin fabric, then I need to embellish the outside of each block to blend it into the black background. After that it will have to be padded and sewn up.   Still a fair bit of work left to go.

So here is Septembers block.  My inspiration came from a postcard that Maureen G had done in a swap we did with Kathy Shaw last year. Maureen embroidered this lovely silk ribbon wreath as the main focal point on the postcard.

Here is my block with this idea in mind. (thank you Maureen).

And a close up of the wreath.

One more to go, and as it is going to be October, it might have to have something 'me' on it, (October is my birthday month).

Comments always greatly appreciated.



margaret said...

your tree is going to look wonderful this Xmas with this wonderful skirt

Nicola said...

WOW. It is going to look amazing and worth all the effort.

Faye said...

Arlene, love the embroidered wreath... I think I'd like to learn that one. Maybe in Feb 2013, you tree skirt is looking wonderful