Thursday, 16 August 2012

Christmas came early this year

We have had the pleasure of dog sitting a beautiful dog named Leica.  Her owners returned home from 8 months in India. We have had her since April, she is a lovely natured dog.  Anyway her owners brought home some gifts for Michael and I, Michael received an original Swiss army knife, with so many attachments, it's just amazing.  Now our friends know that I love my crafts, and so this is what I got: spoilt to say the least.
The first is a basket full of trims, sequins, and other lovelies.

Then she unrolled this stunning Door hanging, it is made from recycled clothing, a wedding dress and other cloths.

Here are some close ups:

Then the postie came and I got more goodies ..... I recently entered a competition promoting the Olympics and 'Gold' was the theme, i entered my beetle and he won. I received this in the mail, but, since I already own a copy I'm donating this one to my craft group "Fibers and Fabrics".

And also in the mail, was an order I placed a few weeks ago for some new stump work tools, they are made of Bubinga wood.
I haven't taken them out of the box yet, will do so over the weekend.
I purchased them from a small company in the UK, they are called Needlepaws and they make other types of tools too.

So wow, what a happy girl I am.... now what to do with it all, I have to try and convince Michael to add another couple of hooks in the walls so I can display my door hanging.



Elizabethanne said...

WOW, Arlene
You got some amazing things. I so love your stumpwork tools though. I may have to order some of those myself. And Congrats on winning with your lovely beetle. Hugs Elizabeth xxx

Carol said...

Congratulations on winning the competition! I'm not surprised. Your beetles are stunning. What a thoughtful and beautiful array of gifts from Leica's people, too. You deserve them all. Is Rosey missing the company?

Rita in Kansas said...

You are one lucky Lady,please tell your friend I will Dogsitt next time! I`m sure you will use and enjoy it all.

Arlene White said...

Congratulations on the win, well done. All those luscious goodies for dogsitting? I'll do it next time..

Deleted by mistake.

Linda H said...

Congrats on your win Arlene! Your beetles are so wonderful! Have fun with all your new tools and treats!!

Jen said...

How good was that, lovely gifts. Congratulations on your win. I have loved your beetles when I see them posted.