Monday, 23 July 2012

I've been sewing - lots of silver and blue

Well it was time to get the sewing machine out again, for several reasons.

1. my 5 fans for the CQJP to finished my tree skirt. (now sewn and ready to embellish)
no picture as their the same as the other 5.

2. Block for Southern Cross Crazies round robin - (Blue and silver Christmas theme)

3. Cracker block for Southern Cross Crazies Christmas cracker swap - Same colours as above, amazing what a bit of sunshine does to a photograph.

4. Stocking for Stocking swap with Lyn G  (little more to add yet).

5. Ornament for Orny swap with Lisa D (will make tomorrow).



Carol said...

Love the colours Arlene. Sorry haven't commented for ages, but things are now settling back to normal a bit around here. How's the Rose?

DUSTY said...

Your crazy quilting is gorgeous !! I have always wanted to give it a try, someday !!