Sunday, 22 April 2012

My Joggle Classes Revealed

G'day All,

Well yes they have finally been revealed.  I have 5, yes 5, classes this next quarter, and if you think I'm excited you are right.

The classes are (if you click on the title it will take you to the link of the class)

First up on 1st June is Spot's Walk.
This is a piece that was adapted from 'Rosey's Walk' which was an assessment piece that I made last year.

Next up on the 22nd June is the return of my Beetles class.
I know a lot of you have requested to do this class, Barbara heard your requests and has happily offered it again to you all.
Following up on the 24th July is a wonderful stumpwork piece, 'Twines of Nature'
This piece I blogged about a little while ago. It's adapted from the Tax Book. Of course your class will the embroidery part.

On the 1st of August, you can create a great addition to your accessories, a unique cover for that Kindle (of whatever else needs a cover) in Crazy patch. I will not be teaching the Crazy patchwork, only a few basics. I will be teaching the construction of the case.

And of course that long awaited Gold Beetle class. You will be using beautiful rich gold work products. Be introduced to some basic stitches used in this very decorative technique.

I look forward to seeing you join me in my classes.



Helga said...

Oh, Arlene, I´m speechless!
All things are great and wonderful.
Thanks for your help.
In time I have a course in Germany.
At autumn I come in your class to learn. I come back.

Mary Sawyer said...

Oh, I love the classes. I just can't decide which one to take.

Mary in Oregon

Arlene White said...

Mary, you could just take them ALL........ Arlene

Josie said...

Hi Arlene! I am wondering what the difference is in your beetles classes...,,,,,I know one is using gold threads, etc. but is the shape basically the same ? Now I cannot decide which one to take.....they are both beautiful! Thanks! Josie

Arlene White said...

Hi Josie,

The Goldwork beetle is similar in shape to the stumpwork one, but that is where the similarities stop. You will learn in the goldwork class how to make different shape wings, and using entirely different materials.

You will learn different techniques in each class.

I hope this helps.