Monday, 26 March 2012

Fools Gold 2 - Kerry's completed block


What a response to my beetle on Kerry's block. Thank you everyone who visited and promoted it, thank you just doesn't seem to say enough.

Well drum roll please.......... here is the completed block. 

I didn't want the beetle to take all the attention, the eye still needs to move around the block, and I hope I have achieved that, and keeping with the 'Gold' theme.
The eye is still drawn to the beetle, but now it can travel around anticlockwise to the bead, button and ribbon motif, continue down to the gilt pearl bullion roses seam, with the ruched bow at the bottom left.  Move your eye to the center for Kerry's 'K', it's made of no 1 Purl Pearl, with woven blue silk with colonial knots, aqua beads (same as the beetles eyes) and gold leaves.  Next is a golden spider and her gold thread web for good luck, with flowers dropping from the sky.  Last of all, two seam treatments of gold silk thread, double chevron and buttonhole stitch.

And as usual here are close ups of the elements. First of all the button, bead and ribbon motif.  This motif consists of gold chiffon gathered ribbon, with gold beads and drop beads. A thin gold ribbon caught by a gold and diamante shanked button.
Next is Kerry's 'K', gold No 1 purl pearl, with aqua blue silk thread threaded between the spirals of the purl pearl.  Couched into place with the same aqua blue silk thread and colonial knots scattered around with gold leaves near the knots.  To the left you can see the gold gilt bullion roses with intervals of gold leaves.

To the left of this we have another bow. This is made of the same ribbon as in the top motif.  Here you can also see the full row of four bullion roses.

Next to the right we have the gold lady spider and her gold web. Also seen is the buttonhole seam treatment.

Last of all of coarse is our now famous beetle. He is surrounded by falling flowers of gold and aqua blue beads.

I really enjoyed working on this block of Kerry's.  It will be packed up very carefully as he has to go through three more sets of hands, and goodness knows how many postman's hands before they get home to Kerry.



Annette said...

Fantastic Arlene, it looks terrific.

kerrykatiecakes2 said...

I love it Arlene! Thank you!

Suztats said...

Kerry's going to love this! It's gorgeous!!

Marjolein said...

You did a fabulous job, Arlene!

Hillside Threads said...

What an awesome block Arlene. Totally amazing.

Shari said...

This is a great block, well thought out. We would all love to have such a piece. It is nice to see someone in a RR actually taking time to create and inspire rather than just stick on store bought motifs. Here's hoping you start a new interest in doing RR work that is more personal and thoughtful.

Lin Moon said...

Wow! This is so fabulous. I love the letter "K" and its leaves. Are those leaves like open-work sequins?

Sharon said...

wow! wow! wow! this block is truly breathtaking...