Sunday, 18 March 2012

Basically Beaded DYOB - my work on Merle's blocks

I've only had these blocks and Pam's a few days, as this round robin is way behind I wanted to get them moving ASAP.  When I received them I opened the package with eagerness to get started. Alas due to them smelling of cigarettes I had to postpone my work.  I allowed them to air for a couple of days, it's been raining cats and dogs here since Thursday, so they were getting some really lovely fresh damp air.  Don't worry, I have a very large undercover area so they were never in any danger of getting wet.
So with all this rain around, hubby's rugby games were cancelled and so we spent a lovely weekend together watching the Formula one and the V8's on Telly. So whilst he was watching the sport, scanning through the sports channels I was busy stitching away merrily on these blocks.

First of all I wanted to know if Merle wanted me to add one of my beetles to her block, she had waited so long for these blocks so I though a treat was in store.
The colour of Merle's blocks were my first challenge, I'm not over keen on dark colours so I had to move out of my comfort zone for these. I brightened them a little with the silver enhancements. Getting the right balance was a challenge which i think I have achieved.  Here is the completed block.

Starting with the beetle on the top left, I also added a spider and his web, a twin heart charm, a seam of variegated chevron seam, and a spray of rose beads and ribbon. At the base is a silver butterfly, and finished of with a seam of silver and blue beads just below the beetle.

Now to the close ups of the elements: first the rose bead spray and silver butterfly. I love using these rose beads that I purchased, the colours just seemed perfect for this block.

Next up is the promised beetle for Merle.  He's a beaded one, and this is the front on view him.

And a side on view.

Next is the twin heart charm with beaded top.
and of course the seam below the charm and the beetle.

Last of all, no block is really complete without a spider and his web.
I hope Merle likes her block, she'll be drooling over them by the end of the week.



Suztats said...

Your beetle is fabulous!

Lorraine said...

I just love seeing your beetles!