Friday, 13 January 2012

My latest project - Challenge for Fibers and Fabrics

Fibers and Fabrics my craft group that I am a member of here in Townsville has a challenge each year.  Late last year we were given an object and from it we were to transform it into something else.

The object was a tax book.

It measures 4cm x 25cm x 15cm (1.5x10x6 inches), and heavy.

My first step was to gut it:

Then I decided what I was going to do, so I got to stitching...... and stitched and stitched and stitched for 8 hours straight, as this was my efforts after 8 hours work:
There are seven pieces of wrapped wire, in four colours, one grey brown, two silver grey, two brown and two dark brown. 
This is more the true colours, more green than blue.  So I placed the seven pieces of wire in the middle of the material just so see how it looked.

I then got to work stitching the background of the tree, padded raised chain band and detached buttonhole and chain stitch.  This took me a good part of 6 hours of stitching.
So here is what it looks like so far, wrapped around the book cover.
There are more elements to make, a beetle, surface embroidered and beaded gecko, some detached leaves and grass.
I think Rosey enjoyed the day, sleeping in the conditioning, as it was a very hot day yesterday.
So what do you think so far........


Carol said...

Your altered book cover is going to be wonderful. And I think Rosey looks very relaxed!


Hello from Michigan, I think your transformation of the book so far is glorious. LOVE IT!! You did the most fantastic job of wrapping and needle lace on the tree. Truly beautiful work. I really look forward to seeing the whole creation. Hugs Judy

Nicola said...

Rosey is one sensible dog. I am in awe at your creativity and stitching.

I am in my husband's study on his computer and as he is a retired accountant I am wondering if I could use his tax books for projects. LOL.

After years of dusting them it would be sweet justice.

Marjolein said...

It looks exciting. What a great idea. I am curious what you will do next.
Have a nice weekend!

Juli said...

I can't wait to see the finished product! I never thought about wrapping wire for trees; great idea!