Friday, 14 October 2011

Pin cushions....... ouch......

Fibers and Fabrics as most of you know is a Textile group that I am a member of.  In December we have our annual Xmas Craft Fair, and I put up my hand to help make items for our members table to raise much needed funds for our new premises.  Pin cushions will be on the table, but not just any ole' pin cushion, but fancy and way out type ones, ones that will catch that ladies eye, and say, oh ah, that would look great on my sewing table.  So here are a few pictures of what I've been making.  Our Embroidery group will be making some more along with some brooches and Jacob ladder needle cases.
Here is an example of the Brooch and the needle case.

This is one of many manikin pin cushions that will be up for sale. This is mine to keep, as she was my first try and a bit lopsided.

My friend Kathy Shaw who has an Etsy shop where I've been buying some lovely stuff, had these rose beads, and they were just perfect for a pin cushion.
 My stumpwork beetles will also make a show on the odd cushion or two, too. 

My stumpwork beetle class with starts tomorrow, if you want to learn how to make these little buggers..... just click here.
And more stumpwork, Aussie gumunts may also be there for some lucky person. This is a lovely Victorian pin cushion, complete with bow.

So if your in Townsville, Queensland, Australia on the first weekend of December, pop in and say G'day and maybe pick up a gift or two.

Or if you see something you'd like, just send me an email and we can organize to get you one, plus postage.
(Pins no included).
All proceeds to aid Fibers and Fabrics.



Hillside Threads said...

Wish I was closer, your pincushions are beautiful.
Thanks for the reminder about the buggy bugs workshop, I have just put my name down and am really looking forward to making some.

kerrykatiecakes2 said...

Your pincushions are wonderful! Love them all!