Monday, 9 May 2011

English Garden DYO Block, back home down under

First of all, thank you to the five wonderful ladies who worked on these blocks. Meg, Mayra, Kathy, Maureen and Ingrid. Here is their work.

This first block is Maureen's. Maureen choose one of the traditional blocks, where the rest choose the fans. I was so excited when I found out that Maureen was in this round robin, as I'm a big fan of her stunning silk ribbon embroidery, I just love it.
A stunning piece of dyed laces surrounded by gorgeous silk ribbon roses and flowers and lovely seam treatments. To finish of a beautiful butterfly charm. Thanks Maureen.

Next come the fans, first one is Ingrid's

This stunning fan was embellished with some silk ribbon embroidery, and a lovely little charmed bird house. These photo's certainly don't do these blocks justice, they are all so beautiful.

Thanks Ingrid.

Fan 2 is Meg's

The gold lace looks very old, and is stunning. A lovely big ribbon bow at the top of the fan, with loads of ribbon embroidery throughout.

Thanks Meg

Next is Kathy's fan, I was a real joy to have Kathy in this RR, your work is absolutely stunning.

Again the photo doesn't do her work justice, but believe me when I say the how thing is just stunning. The silk ribbon flower in the corner is gorgeous and so are the seem treatments. The added butterflies were a lovely touch.

Thanks Kathy.

Last fan is Mayra's.

Her two hanging flowers are just amazing, and the circle of flowers at the base is so delicate. The Fuchsia at the top is just stunning too.

Thanks Mayra.

This post has got to be the worst one I have had to write, as blogger is playing up, and I had to revert to the old editor, and the hickups that I have had, I was so ready to throw the laptop out the window. (if there are errors, sorry, blame blogger) But I really wanted to show off these stunning blocks. Thanks again to the five wonderful ladies who worked on these block.



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