Tuesday, 21 December 2010

Marya's English Garden Block

This is the lovely block I chose, I had the perfect coloured lace, ribbon, buttons, and beads to suit.  I also had my usual flower to hand dye to a colour to suit the block, yellow creamy colour.
Below is a closeup of the bead trail at the base of the button trail.

 Spider web woven and Fargo roses with bead enhancement complement the bottom corner.
Got the idea for this seam from my friend Kathy's site, it was perfect for this area of the block.

The button trail starting at a junction that needed diverting. Also a spray of beaded flowers with a feather stitch vein.

 And the many lace flower motifs I have, hand dyed to suit the block perfectly.
I only have one more set to work on, ya hoo.

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