Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Cathy's Pansy Blocks

Well have I being playing catchup this weekend, I had a sinus attack on Saturday afternoon, but managed to take some hay fever tabs that did the trick.
This first block is the one I did, the last of my ribbon pansy motifs, with herringbone down the centre. My beaded dragonfly that I copied from the group block (using some recycled beads), and a bead trail at the top right. Cretan, cross stitch and detached chain go down the seam to another flower motif. Going up to the left is a row of half buttonhole pinwheels and lazy daisy flower stems. with little daisy's multi dyed along the bottom edge.

This is the group block, my work is the little pink rose in the top left corner and the butterfly in the top right along with the lace trim and beading.  There was not much room for anything else.

So there now on their way home to momma.....


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Cathy said...

Thank you, Arlene! I love it all. - Cathy L