Friday, 28 March 2014

Class closing soon - Cheerful Flutterings

Hello All,

Been a little quiet, yes I know, but I have been busy, will show results in the next few days.  In the meantime my next class with Joggles is closing soon.  Cheerful Flutterings, scheduled for April 8th the class will run for 4 weeks.  You will be introduced to needle lace, wire wrapping, some advance stitch techniques and a couple of little known stitches.  Click the link or go to the Classes tab for more details.


Sunday, 9 March 2014

Catching up

I can't believe we are half way though March already, where has this year gone.  While we wait here in North Queensland for two cyclones (one potential - not named yet as of this post), to cross the coast, I am busy behind the scenes working on two projects for for the Spring offerings.  I have finished but can't show you yet my work, as that would ruin the surprise.

I have also been busy working on my blocks for more Round Robins this year, two of which are already in full swing.  Those two are with Southern Cross Crazies, my Australian Yahoo crazy quilting group.  We are working on two RR's, one is a needle case and the other is a DYOB.  I have finished this months work already and am ready to post along with the next two RR's about to start.  Funny enough that they both have the same name, Gardens and Flowers except one is a Traditional RR (one 12 inch block) and the other is a DYOB with 6 6 inch squares.  Photo's please you ask....

My Needle case for SSC

My work on Glenda's needle case (SSC)

My blocks for the DYOB (SSC) We have seven participants, so I choose to add 8 blocks.

My work on Alison's DYOB (SSC) her theme is Under the sea..... Loved working with these colours...

My Traditional Gardens and Flowers 12 inch Block, for my curtains in my craft room...

And my blocks for the Garden and Flowers DYOB - yes they are the same or similar to the others, that's because they are from a set of 20 blocks.

Here is the full set.
I'm considering making a single quilt for my niece for her 21st.
Time for more stitch.... gonna finish my CQJP block 6.


Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Class closing soon - would you like to learn Needle-lace

This class is closing soon: Class commences February 20th. Here is the LINK to book.

Embroider this 3D Dolphin in needle-lace technique.  Tail Flukes, Fin and front Flipper are detached, with the body embroidered above the fabric.


Saturday, 25 January 2014

Grow your Blog 2014

Welcome to all the newcomers to my blog.  I have been blogging since 2009, mainly about my embroidery but also occasionally about whatever is happening of some importance in my life.

I love surface embroidery, Goldwork and Stumpwork, all of which I try to incorporate into my Crazy Quilting which is also what I love.

I didn't start doing embroidery until a few years ago, but now this is all I do.  My son and I recently created a FREE Embroidery App for iPhone-iPad-iPod, the link is on the left side bar as well as here. It's gonna be a while now unfortunately before I get an Android version up an running, son now has a full time job, and so our time is very limited what time we can spend together on it.

I teach several classes a year with, in the top page tabs you can navigate to the page where more info about what classes I do or up coming are listed.  My next two classes are: The needlelace Dolphin on the 20th Feb 

and Cheerful Flutterings on the 8th April.

Also on these tabs are the FREE Tutorials and template downloads for the projects in our Embroidery App. You can also download my new FREE 2014 Printable Calendar.  I posted a few posts ago on how to put it together.

I am a member of several Yahoo online forum groups, but mainly I am involved with Crazy Quilting International and their swaps, Southern Cross Crazies and their swaps, CQJP and their Annual challenge, but I would be far more involved with StitchMap, where you can learn many different forms of embroidery for Free.  To get more info on these groups their 'buttons' are on the left or right side of the blog.

My ongoing major project this year is the CQJP project, which is the 12 Days of Christmas Wall hanging.  Worked with goldwork and stump-work elements as well as incorporating crazy quilting. I am currently up to number 6.

I am locally involved in two craft groups and Scouts Australia.  Fibres and Fabrics are a local fibre arts group which I am involved with.  Here is the link to their blog.  I am also Chief Steward of the Arts and Crafts division of our local show, here is the link to the Show Schedule if you are local and wish to enter.

I live in the wonderful north Queensland city of Townsville on the East Coast of Australia, a place of great inspiration for my embroideries.

I hope you decide to come back and tag along with me on my journey into Embroidery.


Tuesday, 14 January 2014

New Studio update

Well the wall is up and the door opening to the house is finished. Here are photo's so far.

Building the wall and adding the gyprock panels.

 And now as the room is, until the new big glass sliding door goes in where the Roller door is now.  It will bring in so much more light and breeze.
 This is looking towards the bedroom, which doubles as my office and sewing table.

Next update, hopefully it will be finished photo's.


Saturday, 4 January 2014

What do you do with your Round Robin CQ Blocks???? ---- Well how about curtains

I have been doing CQ Round Robins since 2007 when I began my journey with Crazy Quilting.  Since then I have accumulated over 50 blocks.  I have really not had any idea what I would do with them, an end of bed throw was one idea I thought I would try and as I'm not a big fan of too many cushions that wasn't gonna happen.

Then came along my new Studio and as the morning sun is very bright and warm in North Queensland I really needed curtains on the window in the Studio.  So that's when I thought - use what I've got.

Here are the blocks being 'Auditioned'.
 I also did a swap in 2009 called 'Signature Blocks' there was 18 of us, so we had to make 18 squares with our name and something symbolising where we lived, they are stitched along the bottom of each curtain.
Other blocks including my 'Fairy blocks, my summer blocks, Bee, Bugs and Butterflies, Hearts RR, Some of my English Garden, Silk Ribbon Embroidery, Traditional Floral, Luscious Lace.
Here is the second curtain
 The first curtain finished and hung.

This next photograph shows both finished and hung, but with then overlaying the drawers etc that is in the way of seeing the bottom row of Signature Blocks.

This is now they will display. The portable air-conditioner will be moved next week when the glass sliding doors go in and a third set of Drawers will be there in it's place.
So what do you think?  I think they look wonderful and even Hubby is happy that I have used some of my 'Stash of Blocks' and showcasing the wonderful work of my 'Cyber Friends'.

So THANK YOU my wonderful Cyber Friend Swap and Round Robin Buddies, I now have a set of Magnificent curtains to showcase your work.

The glass sliding doors will get some of the rest of the blocks, the blues, purples and bright pink ones.


Thursday, 2 January 2014

FREE 2014 Printable Calendar

Hello All,

I have a freebee for you.  I needed a calendar for this year and as my Friend Kathy Shaw wasn't selling one this year I decided to make my own.

Here especially for you is A FREE downloadable calendar to download and print.
Click the HERE for the download, or the icon on the right.

If you want to hang your calendar here are some simple instructions for you.

Print out double sided original size settings on your printer.

Line them up and clip together

Sew just above the frame on the front cover, keep your ends, don't cut them off, instead tie them then trim the ends.

Mark the centre point on the bottom of the front cover

Punch a hole through all the pages in the same spot, I punched only three or four pages at a time, using the previous page as a guide.
Cut a small amount of ribbon, I used about 6 inches.  Tie a knot in one end, thread through the hole and hang where you can view your 2014 Arlene's Crafts Calendar.


We did it - we got there

Thank you to everyone who has downloaded the App.  We have reached 500 downloads by the Dec 31st 2013.

Forward to 2014: we will be adding a minimum of 6 more stitches to the list, 3-4 more projects, as well as some wonderful eye candy.

Tutorials on how to get the most out of the app will be coming during 2014 also.

Of course we hope to launch the Android version by mid year, but that is only if all goes well with the programming, it's not as easy as Apple (according to son).

Thanks again everyone, watch this space......


Saturday, 28 December 2013

Can we hit 500 Downloads????

I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas, we did.

Can we hit 500 downloads before the end of 2013.... we are only 15 short......

share with your stitching friends. Link here or on the left.

 Arlene's Crafts Embroidery App


Thursday, 19 December 2013

Christmas Stitching and swaps catchup.

Now that school is finished I have had more time on my hands, so I have had time to finish off some stitching.  I have made my hubby's mum a reversible bag.

My son has a lady friend who is coming to lunch Christmas day.  So that she didn't feel left out I made her a stocking.  I think she will like it, I did ask for some input about what colour etc.

This is the full view.

 Close  up of the candle, and the heal.

 The toe, her name is Rachel, so it makes it personalised for her.
The button trail at the top.

I was in the Lion's stocking swap again this year, here is the one I sent: (without the holly brooch).

This is what I received in return, I received one of Lyn's, the rich red and blue roses are amazing. A lovely notepad and a length of tatted lace.

For the Southern Cross Crazies Swap I also received my cracker which was made by Viv, absolutely stunning.

Lastly for the Fat Quarter swap Xmas gift, for Maureen I sent a needle case purse with needles and a pair of fairy scissors.

These lovely gifts I received in return.

A lovely pink purse and wonderful Christmas bag with pouch.

Lastly I was presently surprised by this gift. Eva and Alison pinched some of my completed CQ Blocks. Four of these blocks from a Round Robin I completed some time ago were made into a stunning cushion.  Summer DYOB - 2009, the blocks were embellished by Karrin H,  Rita C, Rebbeca B and Lyn G. There are still two more blocks, but they are being made into something else I believe. 

I have such wonderful friends. Have a very stitchery Christmas my friends.....

Here's to a prosperous 2014.

Thanks for following


Monday, 16 December 2013

2014 Joggles classes

Introducing a new class for the first part of 2014 on Joggles.


and a repeat of "Cheerful Flutterings's"

Sunday, 15 December 2013

I'm moving..... rooms at least

Well after much deliberation (on my hubby's part), he has finally relented and has decided where not going to move houses, he's moving me instead, (cheaper option).

So the last couple of weeks we have been building a carport, we have to shift my car out of the garage first. Then shift everything that was on his side of the garage to the vacant area my car has left. Then put down the floor coverings.
We will hopefully be getting a glass sliding door in the place where the garage roller door is, just waiting on the supplier for this. It may not be installed until mid January.
Next Michael got to cutting out a doorway between this room and the spare room.  Messy job and yes for those who might be asking we did get a small part of the wall tested for asbestos, thankfully all clear.
Whilst he was doing this job, I got busy shifting some of the shelving from my room into here.
Once the doorway is cut, we're now just waiting for the carpenter to build the wall and finish of the doorway.  The open doorway makes a huge difference. This first photo is looking from my 'new' office into the 'studio'
 From the studio into my office.
 Further back in the garage looking towards the 'office'.  Soon there will be a wall here, so I wanted to get a pic before that happens.
 This one is looking back towards the garage door again, now with everything in place. Even the air conditioner is ready for action. The room will be much more bright once the glass door is installed.
Now back to creating...... just a quick note, new Joggles classes are out tomorrow, so watch this space in a day or so, or go visit my classes page or Joggles.

Thanks for visiting...