Friday, 1 May 2015

A gift for Mother in Law

Now I have a better sewing machine for my travels around Australia, I've been busy making gifts.  This one is for hubby's mother for Mothers Day next weekend, so finished just in time.

Jan moved into her new (old) home, had the interior walls painted a soft musky pink. This is to be hung near her back door.  

Saturday, 25 April 2015

Lest we Forget

Remembering those who served. My Granddad (short one) and his friend.


Fibres and Fabric's and other volunteer groups contributions to the Poppy Drive for the Centenary

Poppy's on the lawn at Jezzine Barracks, Townsville.

 Fibres making poppies

These are displays from the Kempsey Show.

Yes I know I haven't posted for some time, promise I will post again shortly.

Enjoying life as a Grey Nomad.


Monday, 26 January 2015

Happy Australia Day

Hope everyone who celebrates this wonderful day has a good one.  

Congratulations to my friend Tatjana who became an Australian Citizen today, and we were privileged
to witness her taking her oath.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

One chapter finishes as a new one starts

Yes, we've sold the house.

We will be beginning our new chapter on the 3rd of February when we drive our lovely new ute and caravan down the Bruce (Highway 1), towards Brisbane with all our belongings either in the van or packed in a shipping container to stay at my Brothers home.

First stop is Brisbane to settle the doggies into their new home along with Chris and Rachel. Helping them to unpack and get things organised. Then a few days later we will make our way out to Warwick to stay with my brother for a few weeks to get things sorted on the Van.  Only to pop back into Brisbane to Doggie and cat sit for a few days whilst Chris and Rachel head back to Townsville to bring my car to Brisbane for them to car sit whilst we are travelling.

So the packing, sorting, clearing out has begun.  Still got to downsize some more on what I'm taking in the van, as of the weight restriction, but I'm getting there.  To help, Michael bought me a new little mini Elna machine, she is so cute and only 2.2kg.  As i don't intend to do more than just the basic sewing whilst we're travelling.

Transferring most of beads into bags from their round containers I have saved myself over 10kg.  Who would believe there to be so much weight in those containers, thank heavens for zip-lock bags.
We've done a few mod's to the van, Michael has created my new 'Craft storage area'.
 Firstly, we removed the lounge that was there and put down some carpet and have placed my drawers on top. We can still remove the drawers to get to the compartment underneath where the House battery and electrical stuff is.  I then made a cover which Michael attached to the van to secure the drawers whilst we are moving.  It keeps it all nice and tight and secure.

 Next was the dining table. I hated it as the seats are the cafe type and have lost their sponginess. So until we can replace.

 Michael converted the big table into a much more smaller one, which still pulls out to be the big one.

So no more hitting our legs on trying to get in and out, much more leg room.  We eventually will replace these seats with two recliners.

Other than a smaller TV, mini washing machine for the ensuite and a single induction portable cook top, we will wait until we get to my Brothers home before we make any more modifications.

So let the packing begin..... hope it all goes through smoothly..... settlement I mean.....


Friday, 2 January 2015

CQJP 2015 Crazy Quilting Journal Project - Aussie Outback Themed Quilt

Well for the fourth year running, I will be creating a new piece for the home, my travelling home in fact.
Even though 2013-14 piece is still be finished, it will be worked along side this one. The 12 days of Christmas is half way there, just got to do 7 - 12. Most of the 3D ornaments are designed and two of the blocks have their gold numbers attached.  To refresh your memory here are the first 6 blocks.

Here are the 30 blocks made for 2015's project.  I hope to do up to two blocks per month, but with travelling we will see.

I have labeled each block and for each row.  Bagged them up so to keep them free of dust and dirt as we travel. I have created a template for each block, as each block is exactly the same template.  I can design it and note lace, braid, beads and thread colours and types etc to each.

I found a great book for Aussie flower designs: Jenny Bradford's Embroidery Collection, has some wonderful motifs for me to add.

I'll be using a lot of my own drawings for the animal, bird and insect motifs, including the odd beetle, dragonfly, butterfly and grass hoppers here an there in 3D, and forever been aware that the quilt will be washed from time to time.

I now just need to sort my embellishing goodies into bags for each block, dye lace etc to suit the shades I want and I'm off and stitching.


Monday, 29 December 2014

Last of CQ Round Robins

Well I have finished my work on my final two Round Robins with Crazy Quilting International for a while due to us off travelling our great county in a few weeks.
Both of the Round Robins were themed 'Garden and Flowers'.

Traditional RR - Candji's block.  I added a beetle and sent to Gerry to complete as this was a time when we were preparing the house for sale.

My naked block:

And my finished block, just stunning, so much work and detail.  Will be made into a cushion for our new caravan.

 Then the DYOB (Do your own block) - Barbara's blocks, this is my work.
 Barbara's full set after I had completed mine.  These were sent to Elizabeth to do one and then she would send the set home to Barbara.
 Elizabeths's block, my work
 Elizabeths full set.
Now to refresh your memory this is my original set (they were destroyed by a post office truck fire), my second set I sent contained four fans.
 Here are my completed blocks.
they will be added to the other six blocks from the Southern Cross Crazies Round Robin and made into a single bed throw (eventually, as they are now packed).

They will all look so good together I think.

Thank you to all the ladies who worked on my blocks, I will miss doing them, but I will have CQ to keep me busy with the 2015 CQJP starting up in January and I have at least 30 blocks to do, as well as the remaining six blocks in my 12 days of Christmas Wall hanging.
Here are my CQ Blocks for 2015, they will be made into a bedspread for the caravan, in Aussie outback colours.

Well that's the last of these RR posts for some time.


Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Step back in time - St Pauls Cathedral

A friend asked me to repost this about my time at St Pauls Cathedral as it was on my other blog and they wanted to show their daughter some of the volunteer work I did whilst I was over there.

2006-2009 I volunteered at St Pauls Cathedral assisting in the recreation of their new vestments to celebrate the 300th anniversary of the burning of St Pauls.  I helped with the goldwork on several items.  The Alter Frontals, vestments, the Bishops cope and Mitre.
 Working with the other girls (I'm middle right side-checked blue shirt) on the Bishops Cope.
 Closeup of some of the work we did, this is the eagle's head for the back of the Bishops Cope.

The Bishops Mitre, I did some of the goldwork along the base.
 Some of my friends at the final exhibition.

And the completed mitre and cope.

Sometimes we improvised to get the stitching right.  I would lay on the floor of the crypt and have the ladies push the needle through and I would push it back out.  It was too hard to reach the centre sometimes.
 One of the many crosses made, they took approximately 8 - 10 hours each.
At the first blessing of the robes.

It was an amazing time.

Sunday, 30 November 2014

Fibres and Fabrics Yarn Bombing for Christmas

Read the post here

Don't forget their Christmas Fair this weekend coming: 6th & 7th Dec, QCWA Hall, Denham Street, Townsville (if you happen to be around).


Friday, 21 November 2014

My new craft room

Well this time 12 months ago I was moving into my BIG new craft room, the renovated half of our double garage.
12 months on and I am moving again, but downsizing this time.  This is the area that will be my 'new craft room' for the next couple of years. The cushions and back board will be removed and a board placed on the bottom for extra support.
Yep, it's in a caravan. Now I only get the area where the cushions are, the bottom section below the cushions is where the 'operating system' of the caravan is. Batteries, charging system, fuses etc.  Now I have to put into this area: 60kg approximately. My bead box, with the hands free hoop,
 these 9 drawers
 The blue box, red bag on top, the bright blue box and the school port.  Other than my sewing machine, cutting mat and rulers that's it.
Could you cope with such a small area????? I'm going to have to and I'm still reshuffling stuff, as I'm still over weight (not me, but my gear - ha ha ha).  I didn't think weight would be one of my issues, but we only have 400kg to add to our van, as it would then become overweight and that can cause big problems on the road. I still need to cull about 10kg, so I think I'll be leaving some of the beads behind, as there really is no where else for me to remove that kinda weight.

The 400 kg includes all food, water (yes water too), gas bottles, BBQ, hubby's Kite surfing gear, kitchen gear, all the linen, our clothing, washing machine (twin tub weighing only 5kg), laptops, TV, etc.  It all adds up.  Thankfully hubby has got most of the real heavy stuff sorted (Tools, his diving gear, pushbikes) as it will live in the back of our towing vehicle.

Here's our new home:

The floorplan:
Just swap the bed over to the other side, it also doesn't have the slide out option, but the bed extends/retracts to give you more room to walk around the bottom.

Well would love to hear your thoughts.