Saturday, 31 December 2011

Postcard Round Robin with Kathy Shaw

I entered into a postcard swap late last year with Kathy Shaw, our guidelines were to make 3 - 4 x 6 postcard sized CQ blocks and send all 3 to Kathy.  Kathy would embellish one, and send the other two off to others who also signed up for the swap.
I received a few days ago Colleen A's and Andrea's. The first one (blue tonings) is Andreas,
And the second one is Colleen's.

Here is one of my postcards returned, Maureen Gleeson worked on this one. Maureen's work is just so stunning.  And below is Kathy's one which is on it's way to me in the mail. 

Still waiting to see what my third one is like.


Roses 2 RR - Colleen's Block

Finally finished my work on Colleen's Roses II block. It was hard to get motivated as Christmas was such a busy time, but wanted to get it finished.

The work I added was the green rose motif with the pink beading in the top left top corner.

 I also added the heart beading in the top right corner and the seam below it.

Also the seam decending to the large lace bow at the bottom right.
I have finally managed to add more photo's to this blog post, i am having all sorts of trouble with it these last couple of days.


Thursday, 29 December 2011

Well What did I get for Christmas......

I am one luck girl, here are my wonderful Christmas presents from my husband, son, Christmas exchanges and friends.

First is this wonderful Kinchrome wooden tool chest, fulling felt lined just waiting for me to add my threads. The bottom cupboard was also a gift from Michael. 

And the bottom three larger drawers

I think he must have known I needed to get organized better.
And my darling son gave me a Android E-Reader, so now I can read my books etc. It's in colour and wonderful to use, even connects to the internet, and I can browse around to my hearts content.
I have more pressies to show, but will put into a separate post, this one is trying my patience, the photo's are not playing the game.